Adam: The GEDCOM Family Tree Builder


This is a quick review of Adam: The GEDCOM Family Tree Builder, a free web service written and provided by Tim Forsythe.

There are no shortage of software applications that will take your family tree GEDCOM data file and turn it into hyper linked pages. I tried many of these out but none of them really gave me what I was looking for – clear presentation of information, ability to view information in different ways, simple display of source information, and the ability for me to host the web pages on my own website, ideally through WordPress. Adam offers all of this and more.

The process of creating the web pages is quite straightforward. Using the on screen prompts you upload your GEDCOM file, make various selections as to what options you would like to include (if you are not sure what to select, leave them at the defaults), and a few minutes after hitting the submit button you will have downloaded a ZIP file containing your custom web pages. Initially I had some issues getting these to integrate with my WordPress site correctly, but Tim Forsythe was extremely helpful in providing support to get this working.

One of the key features that set Adam apart is the ability to view your data in a number of different ways. This has allowed me to see where I may be missing or have incorrect facts, where I need to improve the reliability of my information, or where I have poor or inconsistent formatting of my data. It really does allow you to visualise your data in ways that conventional family tree software does not offer. Even if you don’t wish to publish your family tree data on-line  you can still use the web pages that Adam produces on your computer for offline viewing. All you need to do is download the ZIP file then open up the included index file and start exploring your data through your web browser.

The tree data pages on this website were all generated using Adam, so have a browse and see what you think for yourself.