Living People

In publishing this family tree data I have tried to balance the privacy needs for living individuals, while making sufficient information available to allow proper research and discovery for those seeking to further their family history.

Many personal genealogy websites hide all information, including names, of living people. This does however mean that anyone who wants to search for themselves or other living relations, would never find, or be able to make use of the information contained in the family tree. By including names of living individuals it will hopefully enable them find this website and the family tree information when searching. The only exception to this is living children where I have opted to hide them completely.

On this website, unless requested otherwise or otherwise agreed, full names of living individuals will be shown, but personal data (including, but not limited to, birth/marriage dates/locations, photographs, notes, and biographies) will be suppressed. All names and details of living children will be removed.

If you wish to change the way that yourself or immediate family are displayed (more information, less, completely hidden etc) please get in touch and I will make the necessary changes ASAP.

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