Integrating ADAM into WordPress (Self Hosted)

I am regularly asked how to integrate ADAM into WordPress, as I have done on this website. I am not a web designer or WordPress expert (this was my first ever WordPress site) so much of what I did here was by trial and error, and may not necessarily be the best way of achieving a good end result. That said, judging by the number of requests I get for help, I must be doing something right!

These instructions are not meant to an exact step for step guide, they are just intended to give you the basic steps so that you can hopefully apply them to you own website.

These instructions will only work if you host your own WordPress site (i.e your site is NOT hosted sites do not , as far as I am aware, allow ftp access for uploading files. There may be alternative ways of getting the ADAM files into, but I have no experience of this. If you know how to do this in, please post a comment or let me know.

  • Follow the instructions on Tim Forsythes ADAM website to generate all the pages containing your genealogy data. These will be downloaded to your computer as a ZIP file. Create a temporary folder/directory on your computer called something like ‘ADAM Pages 2013-08-25′ (I like to include the date as I sometimes have several different versions saved and it helps to keep track of which is the latest). Unzip the contents of the downloaded ZIP file to this directory.
  • Connect to your WordPress site using an ftp client (Filezilla is free and works well). Navigate to the existing folder in your site called public_html. Under this folder, create a new folder called something like treedata (you can use any name you like – this is where your ADAM files will be stored). Using your ftp client, copy all of the ADAM files that you unzipped, to the treedata folder on your website. Once copying has finished (could take some time depending on how many people you have in your genealogy data) you can disconnect ftp.
  • Login to WordPress and create a new PAGE. You can call it Family Tree Data or something similar. This page will contain your links to the various sections in the ADAM files (like my Tree Data main index page). If you wanted to link to the main ADAM index page, you would enter some text (e.g This is my index page), highlight the main link word (e.g Index), and select the Insert /Edit Link button from the WP toolbar. For example, if your site URL is and your ADAM files are located in a folder called treedata, and your main ADAM index file is called index.php, you would add a link to the index using the URL: 
  • The other main ADAM pages that you may want to link to are:


  • Once you have added your links, save and publish your page, and see if it all works!
  • The same technique can also be used to create Word Press menu entries.

If you have any comments or suggestions on integrating ADAM, please post a comment below.

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