Watermarking Policy

As you have probably noticed, all of the photographs, images, documents etc. linked to my family tree data have been watermarked. There are a number of reasons for this:

Quid Pro Quo

Over the years I have spent a great deal of time and money acquiring the photographs and documents that are attached to the various individuals and sources within this family tree data. I am happy to share unwatermarked copies of any non-copyrighted photographs, images, or documents that I may have, with other researchers with similar interests. It is hoped that this would be a mutual exchange and that the other person will have something they can share in return, whether it be information or their own photographs, images, documents etc. What I wish to prevent is those that simply harvest everything they can find, without bothering to make contact or give anything in return.


The photographs, images, and documents contained within this website have been obtained from a variety of sources. Whilst some do belong to me, or have been given freely, or are public domain, others may be subject to copyright, sharing, publication, or distribution restrictions.


Photographs that I have been given, but where the owner does not wish them to be made public (because they may be personal or private), have been suppressed and are not available to be viewed or shared under any circumstances. Where permission has been given for personal photographs to be published, they have been watermarked to prevent them being used elsewhere without the owners agreement.


Document images have been supplied to validate many of the sources cited within the tree data. In providing these watermarked images, it allows other researchers to make their own interpretations and assessments of the information contained in the tree. Watermarking allows these images to be provided for this purpose, but helps prevent copyrighted material being used and abused for other purposes.

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