Edward Gatward and Mary

Can You Help ?Edward Gatward was probably born around 1770 in Essex, and would have married Mary Unknown in the 1790’s. They had at least three children, Edward (b:1798), Roger (b:1799), and Samuel (b:1801) who were all baptised at St Andrew’s Church, in Great Yeldham, Essex. I have hit a brick wall with this couple and would be interested in any information that may tell me:

  • When and where they married?
  • Where and when Edward was born?
  • Mary’s maiden name?
  • Where and when Mary was born?
  • When and where did Mary die? (Edward died in Castle Hedingham, 1837)

Any further information gratefully received.

Edward & Mary

4 thoughts on “Edward Gatward and Mary

  1. I found a 1841 Census listing for an Edward Gatward age 44 from Castle Hedingham. I am trying to find the parents of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Gatward, but she is from Bedfordshire.

  2. Hi, I was wondering whether you have made any progress on Edward Gatward (b c.1771)? I am tracing my nephew’s tree and he is a descendant of Edward through his son Edward. I can’t make any progress back on this line either.


    • No progress at all on this one. I keep coming back to them, and have spent many many hours on the Essex archives looking for any clues, but nothing of interest found as yet.


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