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  1. Great website. Stumbled across it by accident and was surprised to find we may have some ancestors in common! Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Simon

    Great site! I recently found the Tim’s Adam tool and have built my own site using it, and have taken a good deal of inspiration (and a wee bit of plagiarism….ooops!) from your own build. I did attempt a similar WordPress based site but ended up building from scratch.

    Thanks and a merry Xmas!

    Jim King

  3. Hello there

    I am pretty sure that Eliza is my Great or possibly Great Grandmother on my mothers side. I have extensive material somewhere on the Corbett Holland family including photographs and a family tree. It will be difficult to let you have this electronically but when I have time I’ll get the material from my 91 year old mother and see what I can distill down for you. The family story passed down is that Eliza was the offspring of a dalliance with the family valet at Adminton Hall and I have letters from the family to the lady who looked after her when she was given up.

    Adminton still exists near Pebworth near Stratford.

    Kind regards


  4. Nice Website – the information is very clearly presented.
    Just wanted to comment that Hannah Whittlesey [S469] was half sister to my Gt Gt Grandmother Editha Whittlesey. Hannah was born in Willingham in Cambs. not Norfolk. As regards her husband Thomas Putt – I have recently done some research on this branch of my family tree and it appears he called himself George, sometimes. All the other info, dates and ages etc tie up so think it is the same person. If you want any more info on the Whittleseys let me know.

  5. Just came across your website when I googled Corbett Cradock who was my great grandfather.
    Excellent website, especially as I did not have much going back on the Corbett side.
    I have just been using an app to some old photos my father passed to me and get them on a computer and seek to identify individuals, and I came across a picture of Corbett Cradock in 1937 with his son Tom Cradock with my father as a baby as he was born in 1936.
    Kind regards

  6. Hi Simon
    I came across your site purely by accident. My grandfather William Gatward Wilson was born in Royston in 1879. I believe his mother was Harriett Gatward born in Therfield in 1854 and father John Cook Wilson was born in Royston Round the same year. They did not marry but Harriett married John’s brother Charles Cook Wilson married upon John’s death in 1888. Charles died in 1933 and Harriet in 1936. My grandfather William Gatward married Gertrude Rundle in 1915 in Swansea and they had three boys. Kenneth, my father, John and Peter. My grandfather died in 1929 at he age of 50.

  7. Janes and Leslie (my parents) were actually married on 12/31/55. The date in your information is likely the file date of the certificate. I enjoy finding information on my McMordie ancestors in your tree and website. I would welcome any leads to source documentation of McMordie and Reid ancestry prior to Stanley McM and Florence Reid (my grandoarents).

    John Stansell

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