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    Joan [Joan of Acre], countess of Hertford and Gloucester (1272-1307), princess, the second surviving daughter of Edward I (1239-1307) and Eleanor of Castile (1241-1290), was born at Acre early in 1272 during her father's crusade. The future Edward II was her brother, and Mary (1278-c.1332) was her sister. She was brought up in Ponthieu by her grandmother Jeanne de Dammartin, widow of Ferdinand III of Castile, until 1278 when Stephen of Penecester and his wife were sent by Edward I to bring her to England.

    Edward I had begun negotiations the year before with Rudolf of Habsburg, king of the Romans, for Joan's marriage to his eldest son, Hartman; Rudolf promised to try to secure Hartman's election as king of the Romans and of Arles. Although plans were made for the celebration of the marriage in 1278, it was in fact put off, and Hartman was drowned in an accident on the ice in 1282. The agreement for Joan's marriage to Gilbert de Clare, earl of Hertford and Gloucester, was made in 1283. Gilbert and his first wife, Alice de la Marche, had had only two daughters; this marriage was dissolved in 1285, and a papal dispensation for the marriage to Joan was obtained four years later. Gilbert surrendered all his lands to the king, and they were settled jointly on Gilbert and Joan for their lives, and were then to pass to their children; if however the marriage was childless, the lands were to pass to Joan's children by any later marriage. The wedding took place at Westminster on 30 April 1290. Shortly afterwards both Gilbert and Joan took the cross, but neither went on crusade. They had one son, Gilbert de Clare, who was born in May 1291, to the great joy of both parents, and three daughters, among them Elizabeth de Clare and Margaret de Clare. In 1294 Gilbert and Joan and their children were driven out of the Clare lordship of Glamorgan by the Welsh rebellion, and Gilbert died on 7 December 1295.

    Because of the joint enfeoffment of Gilbert and Joan, the widowed countess remained in charge of the estates, performing homage to her father on 20 January 1296. The estates included lands in Ireland and Wales as well as the honours of Clare and Gloucester and other manors in England, and produced a yearly income of about £6000 in the early fourteenth century. Edward I planned for Joan to marry Amadeus V of Savoy, and the betrothal document was dated 16 March 1297. However by then Joan had secretly married a squire of Earl Gilbert's household, Ralph de Monthermer, whom she had persuaded her father to knight. She is reputed to have said, ‘It is not ignominious or shameful for a great and powerful earl to marry a poor and weak woman; in the reverse case it is neither reprehensible or difficult for a countess to promote a vigorous young man’ (Trokelowe and Blaneforde, 27). Monthermer was imprisoned for a short time in Bristol Castle, but performed homage on 2 August 1297, and the Clare estates were restored to him and Joan (although Tonbridge and Portland were not restored until 1301). Monthermer enjoyed the title of earl of Hertford and Gloucester during his wife's lifetime. He and Joan had two sons and a daughter. Joan died at Clare, Suffolk, on 23 April 1307, and was buried in the church of the Augustinian friars there; she had made benefactions to the priory and built the Chapel of St Vincent.
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