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    • Milborough Roberts Lewis
    • ID: I234
    Name Milborough Roberts Lewis [S81] [S82]  
    Father Leslie McMordie (~1838-1921) 
    Mother Elizabeth Dempster (~1842-1922) 
    Alternate Father Charles Henry Lewis (1841-1898)
    Alternate Mother Elizabeth Patterson (1849-1895)
    Married William James Calderbank (1888-)
    BirthSt. Luke, Middlesex, England [S4] [S81] 1887 
    Adoption [S77] Jun 17, 1899 
    In 1899 Elizabeth (née Dempster) McMordie travelled to London and adopted an orphan girl from the Mitcham Industrial school (a workhouse school) and referred to her as her "niece". That girl was adopted by Elizabeth and Leslie and raised in a very good home. They told everyone she had been in school in Dublin and was the daughter of a neighbour who had died in a carriage accident. It was only when I was researching the family that I found her parents had died of TB, her father dying in the workhouse and she had been entered into the workhouse school system in 1896. That girl became a nurse during WWI (lots of nurses and doctors in the McMordie family) ended up marrying her "cousin" who had been wounded at the Somme (William James Calderbank) - being disowned by the McMordies over it. They must have made up eventually because she nursed both Leslie Sr and Elizabeth when they died in her and William James' home in Belfast. She died in 1927, also of TB, leaving him with 4 small children, one of whom was my father.

    We have not been able to find the connection between Milborough Roberts Lewis and the McMordie family. Milborough's mother was Elizabeth Patterson (1850 Dublin - 1895 London).
    Census59 Clarkhill Row Town [S82] Mar 31, 190113y 
    OccupationCastlewellan, Down, Northern Ireland , Scholar [S82] Mar 31, 1901 
    Religion Presbyterian [S82] Mar 31, 1901 
    Census55 Clarkhill Row Town [S81] Apr 2, 191123y 
    Religion Presbyterian [S81] Apr 2, 1911 
    MarriageWilliam James Calderbank (1888-), Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland [S91] 1919 
    DeathBelfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland [S77] 1927 
    • Milborough Roberts Lewis
    • ID: I234
    Adopted daughter
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