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    • Hugh le Despenser
    • ID: I716
    Name Hugh le Despenser [S179] [S187]  
    Father Hugh le Despenser (1223-1265) 
    Mother Aliva Bassett (-) 
    Married Isabella de Beauchamp (-)
    Child   Sir Hugh Despenser (~1286-1326) 
    Birth [S179] [S187] Mar 1, 1262 
    DeathBristol, Gloucestershire, England [S179] [S187] [S187] Oct 27, 132664y 
    execution by hanging
    When Isabella and her lover, Roger Mortimer, led a rebellion against her husband Edward, they captured both Despensers—first the elder, later the younger. Queen Isabella interceded for Hugh the elder, but his enemies, notably Roger Mortimer and Henry, Earl of Lancaster, insisted both father and son should face trial and execution.
    The elder Despenser was hanged immediately in his armor at Bristol on 27 October 1326. He was then beheaded and his body cut into pieces for the dogs. His head was sent for display to Winchester, which had supported the king.
    Occupation Advisor to King Edward II of England [S187]  
    Title Earl of Winchester [S187]  
    • Hugh le Despenser
    • ID: I716
    The late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) is a direct descendant of Hugh le Despenser
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