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    The younger Theobald de Verdon, first Lord Verdon (1278 - 316), baron, born on 8 September 1278, served in Scotland on a number of occasions, including the Falkirk campaign of 1298, and was summoned regularly to parliament from 1299, being thereby considered to have become Lord Verdon in his own right. He was probably on friendly terms with Thomas of Lancaster, who in 1312 attended the funeral of Verdon's first wife. On 30 April 1313 he was made justiciar of Ireland, an appointment probably made at least in part in response to the revolt against the Irish government of Verdon's own brothers in 1312 - 13. But he did not take up office until 18 June 1314, and was replaced on 27 February 1315. Following the death of his wife Matilda in 1312, Verdon married, on 4 February 1316, Elizabeth de Clare (1294/5 - 1360), sister of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester (d. 1314), and widow of John de Burgh, until his death in 1313 heir to the earldom of Ulster. It was alleged that Verdon had abducted Elizabeth from Bristol Castle, but he claimed before the council that she had come out to meet him, and that they had been betrothed in Ireland. Verdon died at Alton on 27 July 1316, and was buried in Croxden Abbey. He left no male heir, but had three daughters from his first marriage, and a posthumous daughter from his second. The Verdon estates were accordingly partitioned among these coheiresses and their husbands: Joan, who married first John Montagu and second Thomas Furnival; Elizabeth, who married Sir Bartholomew Burghersh (d. 1355); Margery, who married first William Blount, second Sir Mark Hose, and third Sir John Crophill; and Isabella, who married Henry Ferrers, Lord Ferrers of Groby (d. 1343).
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