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    Chamberlain to the King, Keeper of Berwick on Tweed, Justice of Chester, Keeper of the Channel Islands. He accompanied the King to Ireland in 1331. He was one of the 'Disinherited' who took part in Edward de Baliol's invasion of Scotland in 1332. In 1338 he received a general pardon for all offences, including capture of Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March. In 1339 he was one of those appointed to treat with the Count of Flanders. He was with the King at the Battle of Sluys in 1340.
    Henry was summoned to parliament between 5 June 1331 and 20 November 1342
    Henry [i] Ferrers, second Lord Ferrers (c.1303-1343).

    Henry [i] was arguably the most successful member of his family. Of the six generations of Ferrerses from 1240 to 1445, he alone succeeded to the patrimony as an adult, thereby protecting his inheritance from the hazards of wardship. Furthermore, by February 1331 he had secured in marriage Isabel (1317-1349), posthumous daughter and coheir of Theobald de Verdon, first Lord Verdon (d. 1316), of Alton in Staffordshire [see under Verdon, Theobald de, first Lord Verdon (1248?-1309)], and Elizabeth (d. 1360), sister and coheir of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester (d. 1314). Despite an earlier division of the Verdon inheritance which had been to Isabel's (and therefore Henry's) disadvantage, by 1335 Henry had possession of his wife's property in Ireland and in seven midland counties stretching between Derbyshire and Gloucestershire. At the same time, he was granted the reversion of his mother-in-law's manors in four midland counties. These manors eventually devolved to Henry's son in 1360. By 1329 Henry had entered the employ of the earl of Lancaster, providing the earl with military assistance at Bedford in January of that year. The following year the earl began paying him an annuity of £100, suggesting that Henry had become a member of the Lancastrian council. Royal service brought additional rewards. Henry first served Edward III, then prince of Wales, in 1325, when he accompanied him to France in the retinue of Henry Beaumont. Thereafter he was summoned to the aborted 1332 expedition to Ireland, participated in the invasion of Scotland later that year, and was appointed keeper of the Channel Islands in 1333.
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