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    William [iii] Ferrers, third Lord Ferrers (1333-1371), who was born on 28 February 1333 at Newbold Verdon, and baptized there on the same day in the church of St Mary. In 1345 an income of £50 was set aside for his sustenance, but his lands were temporarily divided between the queen and Prince Edward. The arrival of the black death also had a damaging effect upon the family's economic well-being. By September 1349 on the manor of Hethe in Oxfordshire twenty-one of the twenty-seven villeins had died, leaving their lands untilled, while the hundred of Bradford in Shropshire had more than halved in value by 1351. The need for economic reorganization, therefore, probably lay behind William's exchange with the earl of March of land in Shropshire for land in Buckinghamshire in 1358, and his decision in 1364 to sell most of his Irish estate. No doubt, too, the prospect of economic gain played some part in his decision to serve in France in 1355, at Poitiers in 1356, in the duke of Lancaster's invasion of France in 1359-60, and again in 1369. From his marriage to Margaret (d. before 1368), sister and in her issue coheir of William Ufford, earl of Suffolk (d. 1382), William [iii] had a son and two daughters. His second marriage was to Margaret (d. 1375), daughter of Henry Percy, second Lord Percy (1301-1352), and was childless. In his will dated 1 June 1368, William requested burial in the church at Ulverscroft Priory. He died at Stebbing on 8 January 1371
    William was summoned to parliament between 15 March 1354 and 6 April 1369
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