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    Frank Cradock was my grandmother's (Ada Muriel Swayne) second husband. I only have hearsay from my father, but there was a little scandal surrounding their marriage. Apparently Frank and his 'wife' ran a guest house in or around the Godalming area. After my grandfather died in the late1930's my grandmother ( who was always known as Muriel) went to live there for some reason. She and Frank met up, supposedly fell in love and the next thing is she and Frank have left the Guest House, set up together in Normandy, Surrey and got married. It created quite a stir at the time with a lot of gossip. Supposedly the woman he was living with was not his wife at all.! Muriel(Ada) had a family of 5 children - 3 sons and 2 daughters and 4 of those married and had children. There are 6 grand daughters and 8 grandsonsThey were together until Frank died in about 1969/70 and my grandmother died a few years later.I actually know nothing about Frank apart from the hearsay and unfortunately my father and aunts and uncles were not very complimentary.
    Frank Cradock is someone about whom I know very little. I only became aware of his existence when my mother let slip something about her grandmother's 2nd marriage, and how much she (my mother) had disliked Captain Cradock. This was the first that I knew of my Great-grandmother's 2nd marriage. I have tried to ask my grannie about her stepfather, but she refuses to speak about him.
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