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    William 2nd Baron de Ros of Hamlake, Yorkshire, was one of the claimants of the crown of Scotland, in 1292, during the reign of Edward I, and was summoned to Parliament during the reigns of Edward I and Edward II. He succeeded to the family honours and estates on the death of his mother. He was an unsuccessful competitor for the crown of Scotland, founding his claim on his descent from his great grandmother, Isabel, a bastard daughter of William I of Scotland. He was buried at Kirkham Priory. He was involved in the wars of Gascony and Scotland.[1] He discovered that Robert De Ros, Lord of Werke, intended to give up his castle to the Scots. William notified the king of this, who sent him with a thousand men to defend that place. The place was then forfeited because of the treason of Robert De Ros. William De Ros then took possession of it. William was appointed warden of the west Marches of Scotland.
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