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    • James Butler
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    Name James Butler [S187]  
    Nickname: The White Earl
    Father James Butler (~1359-1405) 
    Mother Anne Welles (~1360-1397) 
    Married Joan de Beauchamp (1396-1430)
    Married Joan Fitzgerald (-1452)
    Child   James Butler (1420-1461) 
    Child + Thomas Butler (~1424-1515) 
    Child   John Butler (-1478) 
    Child   Elizabeth Butler (-1473) 
    Child   Anne Butler (-) 
    Birth [S187] 1392 
    Occupation Lord Deputy of Ireland [S187] 1405 
    MarriageJoan de Beauchamp (1396-1430) [S187] 1413 
    Occupation Lord Lieutenant of Ireland [S187] 1420 
    Occupation Lord Lieutenant of Ireland [S187] 1425 
    MarriageJoan Fitzgerald (-1452) [S187] 1432 
    Occupation Lord Lieutenant of Ireland [S187] 1442 
    His term as Lord Lieutenant was marked by a bitter feud with the Talbot family, represented by John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and his brother Richard Archbishop of Dublin.The dispute reached its height in 1442 when Archbishop Talbot, supposedly on behalf of the Irish Parliament, presented the Privy Council with a long list of grievances against Ormonde, who was accused of being old and feeble, and of having lost most of his Irish estates through negligence; there were vague references to treason and other crimes which could not be named. The Council felt obliged to summon Ormonde who defended himself vigorously. The Council took no action against him but rebuked both sides of the dispute severely for disrupting the good governance of Ireland. Friendly relations were finally established by the marriage of Ormonde's daughter Elizabeth, to the Earl of Shrewsbury's son and heir, John Talbot.
    DeathArdee, Louth, Ireland [S187] Aug 22, 1452 
    Title 4th Earl of Ormond [S187]  
    134 Total Ancestors
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