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    • Sir John Peyton
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    Name John Peyton [S186] [S230]  
    Father Sir John Peyton (~1500-1558) 
    Mother Dorothy Tyndale (-) 
    Married Dorothy Beaupré (-1603)
    Child + Sir John Peyton (1579-1635) 
    Birth [S186] 1544 
    MarriageDorothy Beaupré (-1603) [S186] Jun 8, 1578 
    Title Knight [S186] 1586 
    Title Colonel [S186] 1588 
    in the forces for the defence of the queen's person against the threatened attack of the Spanish Armada
    Occupation Lieutenant of the Tower of London [S186] from 1597 to 1603 
    Sir Walter Ralegh was under Peyton's care as a prisoner in the Tower, and his ‘strange and dejected mind’ had caused concern to Peyton, for whom he would send several times a day in his passions of grief
    Occupation Governor of Jersey [S186] 1603 
    a post forfeited by attainder of its previous holder, Sir Walter Raleigh
    Death [S186] Nov 4, 163086y 
    though it was stated by John Lewis Peyton that he was ninety-nine at the time of his death, and the monument of his great-granddaughter Mrs Alice Lowe, in Christ Church, Oxford, gives his age at death as 105, from his own statements of his age as seventy-nine in February 1624 and eighty in December 1624 it appears that Peyton was in fact eighty-six
    BurialDoddington [S186] Dec 15, 1630 
    Occupation Soldier [S186]  
    served in Ireland under Sir Henry Sidney, the Netherlands in 1586 under the Earl of Leicester, and in 1586-87 he was lieutenant-governor of Bergen op Zoom
    ResidenceDoddington, Cambridgeshire, England [S230]  
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